How 5 successful CPAs came to team up and write the award-winning book,
Six Steps to Small Business Success: Start, Manage and Exit Your Business

This book is written by five CPAs with the combined experience of 100+ years in operating our own businesses and assisting thousands of other business owners in starting, managing, owning, buying, and selling businesses. Bert Doerhoff, CPA, Lowell Lillge, CPA, David Lucier, CPA, & Greg Orcutt, CPA, and I each wrote separate chapters in the book depending on our particular areas of expertise. We came together out of a commitment to constantly improve ourselves and our business for the benefits of our clients and communities. It is our shared dedication to the future through service, education, civic duties, charity, and family that makes us successful business advisers. There is an old saying: “Don’t tell me how much you know until you show me how much you care.” The authors of this book have the knowledge, but our success is a direct result of how much we care about our clients and others.

“One of the ‘Digest 50’ by CPA Digest, listing the top fifty most innovative firms in the nation”
“The prestigious US Small Business Administration ‘Accountant Advocate of the Year’”
“The ‘Innovative Accounting Firm of the Year’ award”
“The ‘Small Firm of the Year’ award from the Professional Association of Small Business Accountants”

We are no strangers to awards. But, the PASBA Book of the Year award has special meaning to us. This book is the culmination of 5 careers that started, struggled and succeeded and are now being shared to help other business owners lessen the struggle and increase the success.

There are so many things you never learn in a classroom. This book summarizes the lessons learned in the classroom of life, where mistakes can be the difference between success and failure. Many entrepreneurs fail, not because they have a bad idea, but rather because they don’t have the knowledge and skills it takes to convert their ideas into success. You might say that this book is a series of simple steps or ideas that business owners should find useful as they work to convert their dreams into reality.

The book is divided into six main sections:

1. Pre-Business Planning: planning for the life cycle of small business
2. Start-Up: Finances, Budgets, and Numbers: what you and your banker need
3. Human Resources: The People Factor: managing people
4. Operations: Work Flow, Customers, and Sales: managing your office
5. Building a Saleable Business and The Sale: preparing the business for transition and sale
6. Transitioning to Life After Business: helping the owner transition to life after the sale and legacy issues

Throughout the rest of the month, we will take you through a self test to see what area of the book you want to read first, and give you some insight on where you are now and how to plan for where you want to be.

Next Week:
Pre-Business Planning and Start-Up: Finances, Budgets, and Numbers.