The unique thing about the six sections of this book is that you can start anywhere in the book depending on where you are in the life of your business. Last week, we addressed the Pre-Business Planning and Start Up phases of a business. This week, take a moment to go through the self test of how you are running the Human Resources and Operations of your business. If you are in the Pre-Business stages, these are great questions to examine before you get started.

Section 3: Human Resources: The People Factor Hiring, training, and firing employees are necessary parts of running a business. Section 3 of the book will help you answer these questions:

  • How do you go about hiring, interviewing, and screening employees?
  • Are you paying a fair wage and competitive benefits?
  • How are you training your new employees?
  • Are you managing staff effectively?
  • Do you know the right way to terminate an employee to protect yourself?

Section 4: Operations: Work Flow, Customers, and Sales Daily operations involve numerous decisions about your product, service, and customers. Section 4 will help you answer these questions:

  • Do you have systems in place so that your product or service is consistent?
  • How do you manage your customers, grant credit, and respond to customer service issues? Do you have a sales and marketing plan in place, and do you adjust for market changes?
  • Do you know when to expand your business?

Take some time to really consider these questions. If you are unsure, you’ll know what questions to ask (and where to start in the book). If you have established Human Resources and Operations, this is a great time to evaluate if and where any improvements could be made to increase efficiencies and profits.

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Next Week:
Building a Saleable Business and Transitioning to Life after Business