Is it time to consider switching accountants? (It’s easier than you think!)

The 5 KEYS to Selecting the Right Accountant to Ensure Success for Your Business.

The right accountant doesn’t just file your taxes. The right accountant can save you money and help you expand your business. Finding an accountant that can also serve as a trusted financial advisor can mean increased revenues, better cash flow and greater success for your business. The wrong accountant can be costly. Mistakes in tax filings, lack of tax planning and inability to offer sound business advice can cost your business both time and money.

Welcome to our Bonus Week in our series highlighting the keys to consider when you are looking to select an accountant, and how to use your accountant effectively in your business. (Stay tuned for our BONUS KEY next week).

So far, we have covered KEY #1 – TRUSTED ADVISOR, KEY #2 – VALUABLE CONNECTIONS, KEY #3 – OPEN AVAILABILITY, and KEY #4 – TECH SAVVY and KEY #5 – Interview, Research and Inform..

This week we are covering the importance of switching to the right accountant and the simplicity of that switch.

Bonus KEY #6 – Demand Excellence & Exercise Choice. Don’t just stay with a mediocre accountant because switching seems difficult; find an accountant that is right for you and your business.

If your current accountant isn’t adding considerable value to your business, consider switching. Now that you know the 5 key things to look for when choosing an accountant, finding the right fit will be easy and could mean significant improvements to your bottom line, your cash flow and your future. Switching to an accountant who demonstrates creative and useful business acumen, and shares compatible interests and outlooks will save you time and money and help you build your business. Interview new candidates, make a choice, and then inform your old accountant of your decision to switch. Your new accountant should then be able help make the process quick and easy. Your commitment to a good decision will allow you to focus on time for yourself, time for your business and opportunities for your success.

Don’t wait to switch. There is no right time and going through another fiscal year or tax season with the wrong accountant can cost you a lot. Plus, waiting to switch means you are missing out on valuable consulting, structuring and planning for your future.

The switch can be simple and seamless if you follow some easy steps. First, check the terms and conditions of your current accountant agreement to be sure there isn’t a notice period to delay the change. Then, either you or your new accountant should contact your old accountant to have your records transferred. Your new accountant should be able to assist with this process. Finally, take the time to meet with your new accountant to familiarize them with your business and your goals. Once they have your records in front of them, they will have a better understanding of your business and how it has been run from a financial standpoint. Giving them the complete picture will help them be a better consultant and partner in your business success.